1. H.O. Knight once held a job as a box-stacker at a bleach factory.
  2. At the moment, H.O. Knight thinks apocalyptic fiction is seriously cool.
  3. Spiders and snakes are not her friends. Should a giant asteroid strike the earth causing mass extensions, she fervently hopes that these will be the first things to go.
  4. Ms. Knight dislikes exercise. When pressed, she’ll go for a hike, or lift her 18 lb cat.
  5. The last time this writer left home without lip balm was in 1998.
  6. She’s often accused of being immature. She takes this as a compliment.
  7. Ms. Knight adores Disaster Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Apocalyptic and Science Fiction, and Young Adult novels (the level of writing is top-shelf, and it contains none of that I hate my job or I’m having a midlife crisis stuff).
  8. She makes wicked-good Mac-N-Cheese.
  9. Pancakes too.
  10. She’ll watch anything sci-fi, as long as it doesn’t have man-eating aliens, giant bugs, or spiders of any kind.
  11. Ms. Knight forgives Jon Snow for knowin’ noothin, but hopes Tyrian gets to be King.
  12. Tyrian should get himself a pretty girl.  The prettiest.  And be KING!
  13. H.O. Knight once bought an ice cream maker. Ten pounds later, she gave it away.
  14. She’ll read anything action/adventury, or that has “good parts” in it.
  15. She knows for an absolute fact that semi-permanent hair dye does not wash out after 28 shampoos.
  16. If zombies ever take over, Ms. Knight wants Daryl on her team (And if you are a fan of apocalyptic fiction, you’d better know who she means).